I’ve been on this road for quite some time now and truthfully only have less than four days in this car. St. Louis is left, Climb So ILL. I left February 24th, it feels like it was just yesterday. 31 portraits, 31 interviews. Countless people I’ve met, countless stories I’ve heard. The beauty of the night sky in Yosemite to the mountains of Colorado or the Salt Flats of Utah, beauty is all around us.

I’ve been told I’ve changed, I’ve changed for the good. Is that true I kinda believe it, I also agree it takes time to show. I miss home, I miss my friends and my family. That being said I still rather be on the road or be able to leave easily. I never thought I’d see the west cost. I also believed swimming would’ve taken me there, but I was wrong. Climbing and photography got me there.

Leaving on this trip while being injured was a risky choice, but so far so good. The thought of training to get stronger, and the though have honing and perfecting my photography skills are all that fill my mind.