A weekend Iphone portrait and Snapseed

Last weekend I gave my self the challenge of shooting a portrait with natural light and just my iPhone. I spent my weekend up in western Massachusetts at my girlfriend's (Madison) school. Her room is in the corner of her building, with two decent sized windows, where the morning and evening light come in just perfectly.

I took the above image at about 6-7 pm. I used my in phone camera app and a white piece of paper to fill some light in. As you can see the lens is pretty wide, her face distorts a bit. 

I imported the image in Google Snapseed, a free app available for your smartphone. There are two major editing apps out for your phone, VSCO and Snapseed. Both apps are fantastic, but personally I have always enjoyed Snapseed more. Its like using Lightroom and Photoshop, where VSCO=LR and PS=Snapseed.

Snapseed allows you to have a wide control of your images. Google has recently released an update to the app, i believe it made it even better.

Snapseed in my opinion is a strong app for camera phone photography. It has the ability to fix distortion and fill in the space, just like content aware in PS. The use of layers and being able to fine tune each layer and even the option to delete specific layers. They also give you the ability to play with your histogram. For the people that dont want to play with contrast, or brightness, or saturation etc etc, the app comes with preset filters, just like VSCO. 

I want to see what people can prodcue by shooting and editing just on their phones. Happy shooting.