My mom recently had surgery. I was running a fever but she was worse off. It’s incredible how one person can feel much better when they have to help a loved one. Seeing her lay there pretty helpless kind of hurt. I was spoon feeding her soup. It reminded me how she would feed me when I was a kid or whenever I was sick. My mother is a strong woman, and won’t be brought down. Seeing her like this always makes me sad. I knew I wanted to record this.

Self Portrait!

"I’ve mastered the art of using the timer on my camera"

so heres my fast review!

I think this is awesome. The lines drive the viewer to your face, and i love the expression on your face. 

The cons… your left hand next to your head. It should either be completely in or not at all. The single finger poking out is a little distracting. The same goes for the bit of leg you are showing.