Steven Herrera


Steven Herrera is a 26 year old photographer with a diverse background in studio, event, and sport photography . Having dabbled in photography since childhood, Steven has been building a professional portfolio since 2008. He holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Studio Art/Photography from Kean University and a Masters of Arts in Teaching Visual Arts from Philly’s University Arts . Steven has worked with, as well as having been a featured photographer for: Fearless Records, C.I Records, The Artery Foundation, and New Noise Magazine. Though having a strong music background, his passion is in adventure photography. In the spring of 2015, being an avid rock climber himself, Steven embarked on a cross country journey spanning from New Jersey to California documenting and photographing rock climbers and their journeys. From portraits to rock concerts to rock walls, Steven Herrera’s career is indicative of a talented endeavor through visual creativity